This rollformer allows us to realize the bridle of union integrated to the pieces or conduits.

Being also possible to make bars of profile bars without pressing for his later mount of the conduits or pieces.


  • Minimum thickness : mm. 0,6
  • Maximum thickness : mm. 1,2
  • Maximum thickness inox.: mm. 0,8
  • Thickness of the material H20.: mm. 0,6-0,8
  • Thickness of the material H30.: mm. 1,0-1,2
  • loads of maximum break: N/mm.² 400
  • elastic limit: N/mm.² 195
  • Maximum speed of work mts / min. 15- 20
  • steps of profile 16

Advantages of the machine:

  • Guide's introduction of band
  • Motorization A.C. (without to invest- fixed speed)
  • Righter of the profiles
  • Automatic system of lubrication of the sheet to microfog
  • system of accompaniment of pieces
Automatic greasing